Kelly Hunt

Attorney Kelly HuntKelly M. Hunt is an avid researcher and writer who strives to take legalese out of the law.  Kelly also teaches Research and Writing at the University of Tulsa.  She believes that the law should be down to earth and understandable and uses that approach with both her clients and students.

Kelly’s research skills, along with a diverse background, give her the ability to handle all types of cases.  While in law school, she worked in both prosecution and public defense, giving her first-hand experience with both sides of criminal law. Kelly then worked as General Counsel for a small oil and gas company.  Here she gained knowledge in business and contract law, property law, title issues, estate and probate law, and settlements and negotiations.  After this, she and Mark started Hunt Law, where they further expanded into family law, adoption, and guardianship matters.

Kelly also loves to give back to the community.  She has a history of helping clients in need by volunteering with such groups as Access to Justice, Legal Aid, and Early Settlement Mediation.  Kelly also helped to create the Ingham County Veteran’s Treatment Court in Michigan.  There, Kelly dedicated her time to helping Veterans get a new lease on life.